Guest speakers MoL Day 2018

Workshop: About the added value of MOOCs & SPOCs for social learning by Jos Maassen
Many organisations, educational institutions and governments are convinced about the added value of MOOCs and SPOCs for learning, but what do they offer exactly? Through the discussion of various examples of existing MOOCs and SPOCs, Jos will zoom into the design and development of these learning environments. In addition, the rol of the e-moderator is crucial within MOOCs and SPOCs, but what does it mean to be an e-moderator? And what are advantages of content curation and user generated content within MOOCs and SPOCs? Those and other questions will be discussed during an interactive workshop full of examples and best-practices.

Drs. Jos Maassen is owner and learning innovator of MOOCFactory ( As a serial entrepreneur he is fascinated by EdTech in general and the many values of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). He distinguishes xMOOcs and cMOOCs. From MOOCFactory he facilitates educational institutions, organizations and government institutions in the design and development of MOOCs, but also of SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses). Since his studies in educational science, he has been occupied with the crucial role of the e-moderator. Facilitating social learning is crucial in this. In the period prior to MOOCFactory he worked in various L&D functions in the field of instructional design, sales and management. His ambition is to create Next Gen ECO Learning systems.


The Learning Hub and learning analytics: A case-study by Simeon De Smet

This workshop will revolve around gaining an understanding of how learning analytics can be used to provide insight, track, and ultimately influence user behavior.

Based on real-world examples the workshop will touch upon some fundamentals of learning analytics, such as understanding the data, some basic manipulations, and what conclusions can be drawn from analyses of these data.









Simeon De Smet is a Business Consultant Learning Solutions for The Learning Hub. As a Learning Solutions expert he is passionate about on- and offline learning solutions. Currently, Simeon is working on an assignment at SWIFT to enhance, support, and develop the Learning Management System. SWIFT’s Learning Management System provides online training to over 25000 users, across 6000 customer organizations, in over 200 countries, in 8 languages, and this number keeps growing.

One of Simeon’s focuses is understanding user behavior through LMS data (return-rates, learning consumption metrics). This data is used as a basis for creating a strategy towards improving platform usage. The data that describes the desired behaviors are then used as the basis to set and track actionable and meaningful KPI’s.