Speaker’s Corner Sessions

Speaker’s Corner Sessions

For the Speaker’s Corner session, the participants’ questions are grouped in themes and will be addressed in the following groups.

Learning in organizations (Janina Motz)

  • How to stimulate learning in a diverse work environment (e.g. characterised by cultural, generational or educational differences)?
  • How to create an effective learning climate in an organisation, using online learning?
  • How to raise the awareness of the importance of learning on an organisational level?
Learning for new generation (Hannah van Drunen)

  • How to stimulate learning among young people in their free time?
  • How to transfer knowledge from generation to generation?
  • How to create a new learning environment or space for young adults to learn the ’21st century skills’ by doing?
Learning in broader context (Catherine Dejardin)

  • The context in which we learn is very important. The context gives meaning to our learning and makes learning an organic part of your environment. How to organize, develop contextual/organic learning? Words that come to mind are: future proof, ethical, fun, useful for both organization, individual and the world.
  • How can individuals take charge of their own learning and development to overcome the 21st century challenges and the rapid shift from industry 3.0 to Industry 4.1? Going beyond companies and ‘conventional’ education institutions.
Technology and innovation (Pablo Mellar)

  • The technical and specifically digital developments become quicker and quicker. So people only born five years apart grow up with different opportunities. How does this diversity change working together within companies? How does it change traditional hierarchical organizational structures? Does everyone need to know everything?
  • What could be the role of scientific (specifically statistical) approaches in using big data in L&D? Which training formats can be transferred to digital media, where are the limits? E.g. could coaching also work via video?
  • How can L&D be innovative in their methods in order to support the business and give the business a competitive edge?