MoL Day 2018


27th of June 2018


Back to the future: About data technology and learning


Today’s technology revolution is not only transforming the society, it is also changing our way of living, working and learning. Learning technologies, such as MOOCs and virtual reality have shaped the way employees learn and develop and in turn redefined the role of Learning and Development managers or consultants. In general, it is assumed that technology makes learning more accessible, personalised and effective, but why is that and what opportunities does it offer exactly?

Furthermore, new technology provides opportunities for data collection and analysis. Data analytics claimed its place in the war for market share. How can data analytics be applied and what are the advantages? Both learning technologies as well as data analytics will be discussed during this years’ MoL-day, titled: ‘Back to the future: About data technology and learning’. The MoL-day takes place at the School of Business and Economics on the 27th of June 2018, from 13.00 to 18.30.

Join us for an inspirational afternoon and catching up with friends, alumni, current students and staff of the Management of Learning MSc.

See you then?